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Psychedelic Vocal Leads Vol°01

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Here we are with our brand-new presets pack Psytrance Vocal Leads, Vol°01 for Vital Audio. Play voices directly from your Vital Audio Instrument. Each Vocal Preset is 100% Royalty Free to use in your tracks, with everything you need from psychedelic voices and speech to skank-heavy psytrance arpeggiator blaster, generated by the vocal speech!


9 Voices Speech as following

  • Crystals, Lights, Mandala and Bubbles
  • Psychedelic Trance DanceFloor's Animals
  • Psychedelic
  • Angels in a Sky
  • I don't know, Man!... I mixed Dmt and Lsd
  • I can only see Chinese Dragons
  • Acid
  • There are Pink Bottles, Pink Panthers, Pink Robots, Pink Wedges & Pink Witches
  • California Sunshine

9 Bonus Arps

This pack requires Vital Audio tha you can download for free here: VITAL AUDIO This pack is not Compatible With other VST Instruments

100% Royalty Free


Modulations Vol 02

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