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Stem Mastering (4 Stems)

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Mind-Bender Sounds is specialised in a technic called audio stem mastering which means that we will perform a mastering session to your music with separated tracks (Kick, Bass, Drums, All the other Sounds including leads and background Fx or Atmosphere).

This technic allows us to target Audio problems related to individual group and let us work with specific goals in mind in order to get a result otherwise impossible with a stereo mastering. Thanks to Stem Mastering your productions will achieve an awesome sound definition. 

How It works:

Once you are ready to place your order, Select the amount of songs you wish to have mastered and click add to Cart. Proceed through the checkout system and pay for your mastering using PayPal. Once checkout is complete you can upload your files via the upload page that we will send you by Email

Delivery Time is Set accordingly with our Schedule. If you want to be in touch with us before placing your Order, write us an email and we will give you all the important information that will make you decide if our services fit your needs.

All Mastering Orders Include:

◉ Stereo Master (Wav, Aiff, 16 and 24 Bit)
◉ Stereo Streaming Master (Aac, Mp3)
◉ One Revision

Modulations Vol 02

The library is packed with everything you need to complete a full track. Kick, Bass, Hihats, Snare, Fx, Atmos, Bass FX,  Stabs and Leads.